About Xbase Team

We're a small team building the first productivity app for ๐• pros. Xbsase is all-in-one tool for managing ๐• content. Save your favorite posts, organize insightful threads, write new content, and distribute your content like a pro.

Our story

๐• is a social network where smart people hang out and comment on stuff. You can see conversations between smart people in any field on any topic for free. Twitter is a goldmine of insights. We went to Twitter to see what smart people said about crypto, but we quickly learned finding good tweets was hard.
The ๐• search results were spammed with posts generated by bots. It had no way to filter the specific topics from people. Since Twitter started as a news platform, its design prioritizes the newest info so old tweets rarely get resurfaced. We found some good tweets and used Notion to organize them, but Notion UX was slow and the search was limited.


Here are the problems we experienced with Twitter and other communities in general.
  1. hard to collect and organize content from communities
  1. hard to find communities relevant to you
  1. hard to cross-post across platforms


We started Xbsase to solve them. And here are how we will solving the problems.
  • Collect, organize and draft tweets in one place.
  • Post content everywhere relevant to you. (Linkedin, Reddit, and etcs)
Check out our โœˆ๏ธRoadmap to building the fastest posting experience


What we offer

  • We are backed by Primer, a YC in Seoul.
  • As an early member, you will get generous equity.
  • Work remotely, no commuting to the office
  • No bullshit meetings. We communicate async 99% of the time.
  • Interesting and challenging work

Whatโ€™s the interview process like?

Please email a@kyle.do a few sentences about your origin story and a bullet list of some work youโ€™ve done (with URLs) that may be relevant to working on Xbsase. Production stuff built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Svelte, React is best.
Kyle will reach out if you appear like a good match. An unpaid, few-hour challenge, that resembles the high-level work we do at Xbsase. This may include breaking down a large shipment (like Xbsase notes) into its atomic parts, planning the schema associated with a new feature, or writing up a product launch article.

We are looking for:

Lead Product Designer

Click to see the description

Frontend Engineer

Click to see the description

Backend Engineer

Click to see the description


Kyle, founder: UCLA philosophy dropout, Built two apps: Ondaโ€”Public Bus Arrival Alarm Scheduler. Featured by App Store multiple times. Glowvy, E-commerce cosmetics app for Vietnamese. Owner of looksmax.kr and valor.sh.
Dhruv, engineering: Winner of FVM Dataverse and Lumos Buidl hackathon. Have an experience of 1.25 years working with 5+ companies ranging from MNCs to startups and have new found respect for startups and their work culture. Excellent critique. Loves anime and manga. Love working on new and exciting ideas.


  • $85k seed investment from Primer in February 2023
    • Primer is the best startup accelerator in S.Korea. The acceptance rate for our batch was 43:1.
Where is Xbsase located?
Xbsase is a fully remote team. As a member of our team, you will be invited to work wherever you're happiest and most productive. We are incorporated in South Korea and Delaware.
How will Xbsase make money?
Weโ€™ll charge our users a subscription between $15-30 /mo for Creator plan.
How big do you think the market is for this?
We plan to serve knowledge workers who use Twitter every day: startup founders, engineers, news reporters, marketers, lifetime learners, recruiters, salespeople, etc. According to the pitch by Elon Musk, there will be ~150 million users who will pay for the premium Twitter subscription, Twitter Blue by 2028. If we capture 5% of those users, we would make ~$300mil/yo.
What stage is the product at?
We are in public beta as of July 2023. The app is fairly stable, can save up to 10 million tweets locally, the search returns sub 300-500ms, and runs without any servers. It automatically syncs all of your bookmarks and tweets to your machine. We are working on tweet drafts, scheduling, and web annotation to help Twitter influencers build their content library and gain more followers. We release every week so this is often out of date.
How is Xbsase different from Twitter bookmarks?
Twitter bookmarks are great for saving tweets you want to read later. But that's it. They're not searchable, and you can't sort them by date or other criteria. It's hard to keep track of what you've read and what you haven't. Xbsase is an all in one tweet manager so itโ€™s more capable.
Do you support other browsers?
No, we only support Chrome. There are no near-future plans to add multiple browser support.
How does Xbsase work?
When you bookmark a tweet, the tweet is saved directly to your browser's local storage. This allows for fast access to your favorite tweets while keeping your data private and secure. We avoid using the Twitter API to ensure that Sonic remains independent and free from reliance on Twitter's services.
What features will be added in the future?
Check out ourย roadmap.

Terms and privacy

  1. If you are using free version, we donโ€™t store your data.
  1. If you are using paid plan, we store your data on our server to sync your data across multiple devices.
  1. We do not sell your data.

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