About xbase

We're a small team of hackers building the best social media client for productivity on Earth.

Our story

My co-founder and I met in Danang, Vietnam three years ago at a coworking space. We have been hanging out and talking about web 3 and the future of money every week since then. We researched crypto full-time in 2021 and that’s when we saw the opportunity for Xbase.
Twitter is a social network where smart people hang out and comment on stuff. You can see conversations between smart people in any field on any topic for free. Twitter is a goldmine of insights. We went to Twitter to see what smart people said about crypto, but we quickly learned finding good tweets was hard.
The Twitter search results were spammed with posts generated by bots. It had no way to filter the specific topics from people. Since Twitter started as a news platform, its design prioritizes the newest info so old tweets rarely get resurfaced. We found some good tweets and used Notion to organize them, but Notion UX was slow and the search was limited.
So we decided to build a better way to use social media.

End goal

Ultimately we want to build the best social media client for power users. What does that mean?
  1. Your social data is yours to control
  1. All your social feeds in one place
  1. A timeline you can customize
  1. A library to save and sort knowledge from Twitter
  1. Post to multiple platforms with a single click


  • We are backed by the best accelerator in S.Korea, Primer
  • Built the best Twitter Bookmark Manager on the market.
  • Launched timeline feature
  • We have some paying users

Are you a hacker? We want you to join us.

What we offer

  • As an early member, you will get generous equity.
  • Work remotely, no commuting to the office
  • No bullshit meetings. We communicate async 99% of the time.
  • Freedom. You decide what to work on. There is no management.

What’s the interview process like?

Please email p@hongbeom.com a few sentences about your origin story and a bullet list of some work you’ve done (with URLs) that may be relevant to working on Xbase. Production stuff built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Svelte, React is best.
Hongbeom will reach out if you appear like a good match. An unpaid, few-hour challenge, that resembles the high-level work we do at Xbase.

We are looking for:

Frontend Lead

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Lead Product Designer

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Backend Engineer

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Hongbeom, founder: UCLA philosophy dropout, Built two apps: Onda—Public Bus Arrival Alarm Scheduler. Featured by App Store multiple times. Glowvy, E-commerce cosmetics app for Vietnamese.
Deep, engineering: Builds amazing web apps and awesome backends. Handles everything from scratch to production (including DevOps, SRE, Backend, Fronted). Built a web-app that got 75k requests within 3 days of launch and is self sustainable. Trending dev on GitHub. Maintains multiple open-source repos, one with 3k stars. Loves mechanical keyboards and Linux. Also, phone geek.
Jason, product designer: Designs beautiful software, handles branding, 0 → 1 product. Works as a freelancer as well and finishing up final year at university.


  • $85k seed investment from Primer in February 2023
    • Primer is the best startup accelerator in S.Korea. The acceptance rate for our batch was 43:1.
Where is Xbase located?
Xbase is a fully remote team. As a member of our team, you will be invited to work wherever you're happiest and most productive. We are incorporated in Delaware.
How big do you think the market is for this?
We plan to serve knowledge workers who use Twitter every day: startup founders, engineers, news reporters, marketers, lifetime learners, recruiters, salespeople, etc. According to the pitch by Elon Musk, there will be ~150 million users who will pay for the premium Twitter subscription, Twitter Blue by 2028. If we capture 5% of those users, we would make ~$300mil/yo.
What stage is the product at?
We have some paying users and trying to scale the features and marketing side of business.
How is Xbase different from Twitter bookmarks?
Twitter bookmarks are great for saving tweets you want to read later. But that's it. They're not searchable, and you can't sort them by date or other criteria. It's hard to keep track of what you've read and what you haven't. xbase is an all in one tweet manager so it’s more capable.
Do you support other browsers?
No, we only support Chrome. There are no near-future plans to add multiple browser support.

Terms and privacy

  1. If you are using free version, we don’t store your data.
  1. If you are using paid plan, we store your data on our server to sync your data across multiple devices.
  1. We do not sell your data.

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